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We create easy to use websites and powerful applications
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Web Applications

We are experienced in designing and implementing complex, data-driven web applications designed specifically for individual business.

We are focused on applications for automotive, electronics, IT and telecom industry. We build applications from scratch and re-build, support and extend existing applications.

Website Design

We specialise in design and development of clean, stylish and effective websites by employing web standards which ensure simple and affordable access to web technologies for all.

We offer web design, development and maintenance, including database, e-commerce and search engine optimization services.

Client speaks

Radio-Tech Ltd are using Vimtech Ltd to develop a number of web applications for telemetry data acquisition and processing. They are doing a fantastic job! I would highly recommend them. Very professional, reliable, and proactive in development.

Inder Panesar, TD, Radio-Tech Ltd

About Vimtech

Vimtech Ltd is a web development agency experienced in building web applications and web sites that suit your business.

Our Approach

We put users first, prototype early and invite client participation. This isn't just a job for us. We really enjoy what we do and believe that it shows in our work.

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Tel: +44 20 3355 3774