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Support and Maintenance

We can help you to keep your website updated.

Why website needs to be constantly updated and maintained?

  1. It helps to improve search engine ranking
  2. Current information ensures people have the reason to return to your site
  3. You keep your customers well informed
  4. Technology changes fast and a site can look and act old very quickly

We can help you with:

  • Modifying and adding website content
  • Photo and graphics updates and editing
  • Product changes
  • Update of website forms
  • PDF creation and uploading
  • Convert brochure data to website content
  • Maintenance of Newsletter and email list
  • Website structure update
  • Change of Meta tags to reflect the new content
  • Change of layout for various occasions and seasons
  • Redesign of website

We offer also

IT Support

  • Linux servers/desktops installation and maintenance
  • Help with domain registration and hosting
  • Systems architecture
  • Database design
  • Programming

About Vimtech

Vimtech Ltd is a web development agency experienced in building web applications and web sites that suit your business.

Our Approach

We put users first, prototype early and invite client participation. This isn't just a job for us. We really enjoy what we do and believe that it shows in our work.

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Tel: +44 20 3355 3774